Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical administrative assistants play a very crucial role in a medical team. They may not be the backbone of the team, but the medical assistants are very important in the sense that they handle almost all of the administrative tasks that doctors and other specialists can’t anymore consider due to a number of major tasks assigned to them.

There are a number of responsibilities that medical administrative assistants should meet. Most of these responsibilities have something to do with office works, but they are not limited solely to the administrative matters. The medical administrative assistants are sometimes allowed to work with clinical tests and procedures, but this task is usually considered in accordance to the established medical protocols and standards maintained by the medical team.

Below are some of the most basic responsibilities of the medical administrative assistants:

* Plan and schedule meetings and appointments with patients.
* File, organize and maintain paper and electronic files.
* Manage projects.
* Disseminate information by phone, email, fax, or in any other mode of communication.
* Handle travel and guest arrangements.
* Create and manage correspondence, which may involve composing and transcribing dictated letters.
* Complete insurance forms.
* Order medical and office supplies.
* Keep inventory records and reports.
* Collect fees and billing from patients.
* Maintain records on receivable accounts.
* Banking and payroll.
* Other accounting-related matters.

All of these duties and responsibility are entrusted to the medical administrative assistants and all of these must be met in order to keep the medical office running smoothly as it should be. It is important to note that because of these responsibilities, medical administrative assistants are required to be versatile enough to properly handle everything that is attached to his or her name. They must also be people oriented as they will be dealing with different personalities everyday in the office. In fact, it is usual for medical administrative assistants to meet and deal with people affected by certain kinds of diseases, or by certain moods. Some are depressed, angry and often cranky. Well, this situation is what makes the position truly challenging as the more the people they’re dealing with differ in personalities, mood and lifestyle, the more important it is for the assistants to be more pleasant. Much to that, the medical administrative assistants must be strong and determined enough to meet everything that is assigned to them by the medical team they’re working with. If all of these are met, there’s a great possibility for them to be rewarded with promotion to the office manager.

The medical administrative assistants today are encouraged to undergo trainings prior to the practice. A formal training is not required though, but we can’t deny the fact that the more knowledgeable and skilled you are in the medical field, the more chances of you performing the tasks properly and smoothly. So if you are thinking of becoming a medical administrative assistant someday, then better start looking for a medical assisting training program that will best suit your needs as early as now.

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