Medical Billing Business

Medical Billing Business

Works at home opportunities are quite popular. Today, there are approximately 15 million Americans who work partly or exclusively from home. This particularly include those who have trouble balancing work and family responsibilities, such as mothers who have to stay home in order to take care of younger children or a severely disabled family member.

Starting up your own medical billing business is the perfect work at home opportunity. In fact, quite a number of professionals in the medical billing business industry are independent specialists working from home. It’s not that hard. Medical billing business does not need a lot of capital, although you might need certain specialized skills and training in order to gain clients. After all, doctors and healthcare providers are careful on whom they hire to act as their medical billers and coders.

But just as opportunities for medical billing business are popular, the number of scams involving them also comes by the dozen. Medical billing business is the perfect set up for a scam. Imagine the following scenario:

* A man in Cloverdale, Indiana looks at the classified section of local newspaper and reads an ad that tells him he could earn good money working at home while caring for three children and sick wife. It’s for a medical billing business and it says that it’s an easy way to earn money. He called a toll-free number and heard that for $377, he would get everything he needed in order to launch a lucrative medical billing business from home. The money would also cover the cost for a software program and the names of doctors who wanted the service. And then there’s the added guarantee: If he wasn’t completely satisfied, he could return the medical billing business package within 30 days for a full refund. So what’s the man got to lose?

As it turned out, the man lost quite a lot. He lost not only $377, but also time and effort he spent on dealing with the whole thing. Hundreds of complaints from consumers just like this man who fell for medical billing business opportunities scams. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has already been alerted and working on some of the many cases that have been brought up to them.

Fraudulent medical billing business opportunities are a type of work at home schemes advertised on the Internet and the classified section of local newspapers and “giveaway” shopper’s guides. In the last few years, the FTC has filed more than eight cases against the medical billing business scams. But as quickly as these companies are brought out of business, several more appear to take its place.

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